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Barbara Helland




Responsible for integrating modern computing, communication and information technologies into the K-12 classroom. For the past 6 years Ms. Helland has been involved in designing and implementing the Department of Energy's Adventures in Supercomputing (AiS) program and as a result has provided training and support in integrating technology into the classroom for teachers in over 20 middle and high schools in Iowa and California. Prior to coming to Krell Institute she was an Assistant Program Director at the Ames Laboratory. In addition to her work with K-12 computational science programs while at Ames Laboratory, Ms. Helland was also involved in establishing the Undergraduate Computational and Engineering Sciences (UCES) project and administering the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship program. In addition, she was a co-PI on the Web-based Collaborative Management Environment with scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 


Computer Science 


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